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Letter: Time to act on climate

I am responding to the Aug. 31 letter to the editor “Global warming denial is useless.”

It is hard to understand why anyone would deny that climate change is not a credible threat when they see the drought in Colorado and the Colorado River drying up. Yes, there have been droughts before, but the difference this time around is in the intensity. Scientists now believe the California drought, for example, is 15-20 percent more severe because of rising temperatures.

In this upcoming election it is important to press the candidates to keep this issue front and center.

Passing a carbon fee and dividend would be a very important step. This idea is something that could be supported by legislators from both sides of the aisle. It is revenue-neutral, does not grow government, is good for the economy and most importantly rapidly reduces emissions as found by an independent research firm Regional Economic Models Inc. It is supported by George Schultz, secretary of state in the Reagan administration; and by the climatologist James Hansen, who was the first to address Congress about the dangers of fossil fuels (in 1988).

Mr. Hansen along with 16 of his colleagues published a paper recently stating the government-accepted goal of 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial times was not adequate to avert a catastrophe. We are currently at 1 degree above and already the planet is starting to destabilize. The sad part is unless changes are made and made quickly we are not even going to be hold at 2 degrees.

I am sure there are people anxious to reply to this letter who are still in denial. Please before you do check my facts and please keep an open mind. You may say the climate is always changing, but never this quickly. It is time to make known to Congress that we must act before it is too late.

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