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Letter: Times, they are a changin’

The world is changing and so is our community.

As many of you know, I have been teaching my free Total Body Fitness class for 22 years, since 1995 in the second floor of The Church at Redstone on Tuesday and Thursday. On a yearly basis, my class has given donations to the church for the use of this space. I have worked with Pastors Jim Jarmon and Bruce Gledhill throughout the years. The second floor of the church is large open space with beautiful stained glass windows, piano and moveable chairs. This space is used for Sunday services and has consistently been used for various other activities such as public meetings of the county and community and my class, and the list goes on. This space works well for these meetings, and my students and I have loved being in this unique and beautiful space.

The church is heading in a new direction. It is working to create a new policy for the usage of the premises. Recently, I was asked by the elders and leadership group of the church to move my class downstairs. In respect of the church’s request, I have been teaching my class downstairs.

Unfortunately, the space downstairs does not work for me. With regret, I have made a decision to end my decades of offering free classes as of Tuesday, Oct. 31.

I want to thank all women and men who have attended my class over the years. What a great journey of hard workouts, sore muscles, .joy of being fit and able to move, and many stories and sharing life together.

My thought for you: We need to give of ourselves in love and service to others, in a spirit of generosity and good fellowship. I joyously give, in greater gratitude, for the abundance that I have already received.

Lisa Wagner


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