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Letter: Tiny solution to big problem?

With all the yakking and talking regarding the housing crunch, I am quite surprised by the lack of a proposal to build one or more “tiny villages” consisting of “tiny houses” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiny_house_movement).

There could be land purchased or swapped close to each city core (since I cannot stand the idea of the sprawl soon to be called Carbon Springs or Glendale — which is where the Roaring Fork Valley is headed BTW). Within said area, you could place a very large amount of tiny houses (imagine a very teeny version of Cardiff Glen homes clustered together — something like that). Each tiny house could be hooked up to a central water and sewer service, and each city could tax the tiny house (for a tiny amount). But even better, the tiny house owner could actually afford to live here (for a tiny amount).

Tiny houses are built elsewhere — so say goodbye to high building costs. Say goodbye to high rent. Say goodbye to no units available. Say goodbye to more taxes imposed on the people in this valley. In addition, since the homes are owned by the occupant, they could actually realize a tiny bit of equity. I am pretty sure from the demographics of newbies and young professionals wanting to come to play (oh yeah … and work) here, that having a tiny house would suit them just fine. The money they would save due to the low cost of living would eventually allow them to “move up” if they chose to do so.

The best part, however, is we the people don’t have to get our butts taxed more to pay for other people’s homes. Ta-da!

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs

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