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Letter: Tipton, Buck not representing districts

Congressmen Scott Tipton and Ken Buck should be representing the people of their rural districts, not the interests of foreign lobbies and multinational corporations. They’re both against the Iran nuclear deal. In opposing this peacemaking effort, they’re effectively supporting interest groups who want war. They are not representing the majority of their constituents who are tired of senseless military interventions in the Middle East. They are instead, representing the interests of two powerful interest groups.

One is the Israeli lobby, which thinks that security for their country requires the pre-emptive bombing of Iran. They hate it that this deal will raise Iran’s status within the world community and dispel its image as “a rogue state.” Plus, from their perspective, might not demands for the nuclear disarmament of Israel come next?

The other interest group that Tipton’s and Buck’s positions support is the global arms merchants. For the defense industry there is no such thing as a bad war; peacemaking negatively impacts their bottom line. But how would billions of tax dollars spent for bombs benefit the 3rd and 4th Districts? I get it when Reps. Lamborn and Coffman advocate for defense spending in their federally dependent districts, but how would war with Iran benefit rural Colorado? It would only decimate and humiliate Iran, driving them toward nuclear weapons and terrorism.

Reps. Tipton and Buck have teamed up with Israeli hawks and arms merchants in telling us that this is “a bad deal.” How can 10 years of frozen nuclear weapons development be a bad deal? Is Iran demanding that either the U.S. or Israel roll back their nuclear arsenals proportionally? No. All they get is access to their own frozen assets, and an internationally monitored, peaceful, nuclear power program.

Our rural congressmen should represent the interest of the people in their districts; not those of Israel or the arms merchants.

Doug Holdread


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