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Letter: To change a heart

Brad Gates in his Feb. 18 letter to the Post Independent provides a few examples “of the hypocrisy of us, the American people.” He begins by describing the control of women by both the Muslim and Christian religions and then cites the comparable and equal level of terrorism both religions support. He reminds us of one of our supposedly “Christian” terrorists, Timothy McVeigh, the deranged Oklahoma City bomber of 22 years ago.

He concludes that control of women in any religion, be it Muslim or especially the Christians who would like “to make a medical procedure (abortion) illegal” is certainly control over women. Brad’s conclusion on abortion is valid to those who may believe the unborn have no right to life. Why? 1. The unborn are not yet human beings. 2. It is allowed to kill a non-human being. 3. You may conclude from a constitutional decree that the vast majority of acts of abortion are certainly not to be considered to be a wrongful act.

At conception every baby will have its own unique, unchanging genetic code. I therefore believe full human life with great potential is held within the womb. During the second month, the baby’s eyes, ears, nose, toes and fingers are visible, and an innocent heart beats. She sucks her thumb in the third month and hears her mother’s voice in the fourth month.

I imagine that to contemplate as well as proceed toward an abortion can be difficult as well as traumatic for many. I would hope a prayer would prevail to change a heart.

Floyd Diemoz

Glenwood Springs

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