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Letter: To recycle or not

A rumor is going around that Glenwood is about to relocate the popular, centrally-located recycle center to the South Canyon Landfill. Yikes, what a bad idea. Will folks really bother driving all the way up there? Think of the little old lady with a stack of papers and a bag of cans on the muddy and icy climb up the canyon.

Ours is the best center in the valley because it is in the middle of town, on your way to errands, the store, work or events. It is easy to be a good citizen. Some say there is no room for it in town. If size is the problem, look at the small footprint of Basalt’s center.

If neighbors are a problem, what about a location at the old sewer plant while we plan the confluence? What about west of City Hall or along Devereux? All we need is a patch of dirt, some gravel and a fence. The roll-offs take care of themselves.

Please express these concerns to your council representative.

Dean Moffatt

Glenwood Springs

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