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Letter to the editor: Another form of tyranny

When this country was founded, our ancestors rode west on their horses to find a place to settle. They staked out a claim, built a log house and raised some crops. That was freedom.

Now you don’t really own property. You just lease it from the government. That lease is called property tax. Stop paying it and the authorities will seize it.

Now you can’t build, modify, cut down a tree or do anything on your so called private property without doing an application, getting a review, submitting a plan, paying for a permit, having a hearing, getting inspections, posting your permit and hiring an approved contractor. And we wonder why there are so many homeless.

When both parents must have jobs to pay the rent and other payments, the kids are left unsupervised. Does it occur to you that that might create problems?

Our beautiful country has morphed from a place of real freedom to the culture of government supervision and control at all levels.

Maybe we should tear down everything that wasn’t built with a permit and inspection and start over. Our ancestors came and settled here to escape tyranny. We have been slowly morphing into a new and intense form of tyranny. Happy 4th of July.

P.S. You can’t shoot fireworks.

Ross L. Talbott

New Castle

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