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Letter to the editor: Civil engineers are squares

Beware of civil engineers. They are pretty square; that is, they have no sense of human scale. All right, so the Grand Avenue Bridge has a curve in it. Cool. Still, other things, like the finish work and the signage and the traffic flow have issues. This is underscored by the city council. They have disregarded public and business interests in overriding suggested uses of the old bridge landing.

Notification of the exit to the Hot Springs Pool is about a half a second too late for the “accidental tourist” to react to. An eight-day clock’s gears make more sense than the traffic circles. Residential rentals and apartments in downtown are abandoned or unmarketable and have been, for the old audible crosswalk signals for the blind, all day and all night. The 5 a.m. traffic just adds another layer to it.

If never there was such a thing as a speed bump on the way to Aspen, it would not be Glenwood Springs. Who would want to spend any time dawdling en route? A better metaphor would be an “easy mark.” Theater and arts venues have taken a hit. What drives the decision-making process at city council?

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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