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Letter to the editor: Frigin fast

One of the leading candidates of the upcoming presidential election used this verbiage to describe what will happen to Mexican illegal immigrants if he becomes president. I consider myself the normal “Joe American” and found this to be offense for the position this gentleman is seeking.

I look at other prestigious people that hold high positions and cannot recall “frigin” ever being used. I doubt if any of the Popes have used it, or the Queen of England, or President Poudan and I doubt that any high school principle start off their first year’s assembly with it. So why does this candidate feel so comfortable using it? Is he trying to get down to his targeted campaign market? If so that market is a few years away from voting.

I’m not politically inclined either way when it comes to a party and I am no “goodie two shoes”. I’ve been known to use “frigin” along with the “f” bomb, but I’m not running for president either, that’s why I listen to candidates as they talk. I’m not listening to their political rhetoric. To get my vote, I want to know who they really are.

Well, in the recent Republican debate you got to hear a lot of talking by the candidates and as always Mr. Trump’s verbiage was once again offensive on so many levels; most certainly when it came to the comment made towards Carly Florina. Need I say more?

Trump is saying what we Americans want to hear. All of us sitting around our kitchen tables discussing how the country should be run, has this candidate tapping into that energy. Can he do what he says he can; only time will tell, but for me “Frigin” is not a word my choice of a candidate would use? I just keep wondering if Trump is just socially challenged in his communication skills, or just hard core narcissist.

Melody Sebesta

Grand Junction

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