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Letter to the editor: Grand Junction sidewalks need attention

Every morning, no matter the weather, I am blessed to be able to walk miles in the downtown Grand Junction area. Seeing friendly faces and finding something new in the familiar scenery is fun, but the sidewalk conditions are not.

In the past couple of months, there have been serious accidents in major intersections in which I still tip-toe around broken glass; specifically the Seventh Street and Grand Avenue intersection and Fifth Street and Gunninson Avenue. Although I am lucky to be wearing shoes, my dog is not. In order to avoid the glass and other vehicle fragments, I must navigate through the grass, crossing either behind or in front of the crosswalk which makes me extremely nervous considering I have almost been hit by drivers while in the crosswalk multiple times before.

All in all, come on city, let’s make this a safe place for pedestrians by cleaning up after accidents, instead of letting foot and vehicle traffic do the work for you.

Although sidewalks covered in weeds and overgrown bush are a pet peeve, I feel as though that is more a homeowner issue that I do not care to touch upon. What I would like to see, however, is more sidewalk! I’m talking in terms of width. Why do I feel claustrophobic when walking over by 17th Street and Grand Avenue? It might be because in order to safely walk on whats left of a sidewalk, I have to line my dog up behind me like a mamma duck and her chicks, being careful to have enough room to react to unexpected circumstances like an off-leash dog or swerving car.

Let’s clean up our sidewalks, make them less of a balance beam and more pedestrian friendly. Hey, CMU, you’re setting the right example over on 12th Street!

Alexis M.

Grand Junction, Colo.

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