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Letter to the editor: Uncivil liberal discourse

I was on my way home just now, and a guy behind me began tailgating me, so closely that I couldn’t see him in my mirrors. I found a spot to pull over to let him pass, but he pulled up next to me, stopped, and rolled down his window. I rolled mine down and said, “You’re following me so closely, I can’t see you in my mirrors.”

His response was, “So you’re a Trumper.” I have a Trump campaign sticker in my back window. I said, “Yes, I am. I suppose you’re a Democrat, and you’re harassing me?” He said, “No, I’m an independent, but I can’t stand what you f___heads are doing to the country.” He drove away and I shook my head.

The liberals have once again demonstrated their wholehearted devotion to evil. Now, in order to try to suppress any opinion other than their own, they are willing to call for violence and harassment, and willingly engage in it.

Get a clue. A good number of these kids coming across the border are unaccompanied, or are accompanied by someone who is not family. These children are being set up to be kidnapped and/or trafficked by criminals who are using them to get into the United States. If I were President Trump, I would close the southern border to all immigration immediately, until such time as this mess is straightened out and those responsible (including Democrat troublemakers) are caught and brought to justice.

I would follow George Soros’ money to the root of this mess, and prosecute everyone involved.

If you want to have an honest discussion with me, I’m up for it, and if you’re a Democrat or a liberal, I’ll do my best to have a civil exchange.

Kevin Stephenson

Glenwood Springs

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