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Letter: To the lowlife that stole my helmet

This is to the lowlife thieving dreg of society that stole my black half-shell helmet off my motorcycle Friday night in Glenwood.

That helmet was my friend and protector. It was a gift from a friend (for a job well done) and it saved my life once. Notice the scratches on top?

While I was enjoying a rare night out I guess I also gave you enough time to rummage around through the rest of my belongings in the saddlebags. You forgot the items you dropped on the ground. Thanks, they were the keys to my shop.

How many times and from how many other trusting people have you taken something that doesn’t belong to you? I don’t lie, cheat or steal, I work long, hard hours, and pay for everything.

Get a life and try honesty.

I don’t call 911. It’s a small world out there, you will be caught, eventually, only a matter of time. In some countries they cut off one of your hands for stealing. Be thankful you’re in America.

Kit Axelson

New Castle

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