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Letter: Today’s young people don’t have it figured out where sex is concerned

Liberals often have many worthy ideas, but where’s the logic in Robyn Parker’s recent “liberal logic” editorial ? In her June 1 column, “To young folks, bigotry is for the old and obsolete,” she says girls have always been “body-shamed” for wearing clothes that have been taboo at certain times, or “blamed for the sexual thoughts of men and boys.” Absolutely nothing excuses men or boys for the lack of self-control in sexual matters, but when teen girls’ idols are morally depraved divas in music, and soft-porn Cosmo Magazine is like their “Bible,” one wonders where logic applies.

Parker writes: “Today’s young people are growing up unashamed of their bodies and sexual orientation … and wonder why we (I take it she means us … the old, ignorant, repressed adult masses) worry so much about what other people are doing …”

She concludes that, finally, it seems that the youngest generations really do have it all “figured out.” A quick study of the latest Center for Disease Control statistics will reveal just how “figured out” the youngest generations have it … or, don’t.

As for shame, it is one thing to be wrongly shamed. It is another to have no capacity for shame concerning sexual behavior or any other moral matter. We do our youth no favors by congratulating them for thinking and acting as though all shame is to be despised rather than a unique God-given human gift which, when properly discerned and embraced, keeps our consciences alive and reminds us that we, and others, are more than mere advanced slime from an ancient swamp.

Bill Forbes

Whitewater, Colo.

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