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Letter: Tomato, tamato, let’s call the whole thing off

Dave Heyliger
Glenwood Springs

Kudos to the City of Glenwood when it announced the following in Nov. 8’s edition of the PI: “Any new South Glenwood development needs access.” I think everyone heard the cheers, the sighs of relief and the multitudes of “Thank you, City of Glenwood” from every sector of this community. So let me reiterate: Thank you, City of Glenwood.

Three days later, Czar Martin and Puppet Sampson announced in the PI “Take FedEx money or leave it.” I think everyone heard the boos, the frustrating expletives and the multitudes thinking, “Are you kidding me?” from every sector of this community.

Sampson also had the guts to say he is “aggravated” about the situation, and is “against us [the BOCC] becoming a mediary to this.” Really? The people who you disregarded are the aggravated ones — you know — the ones who vote for you, live along Midland or Four Mile, plus the City of Glenwood, too. Do you even know who these people are? You were the one who made this bed of thorns, and you have no right to be aggravated.

Here’s a thought: If the BOCC crams this debacle down the throats of the city, I say let’s have the city quickly pass a law banning large transport traffic on the already deteriorated Midland. Tomato fight! And to all of the good folks of Glenwood — remember: if it comes to legal mediation, it is your tax dollars that will foot the bill for this BS tomato fight. Barf.

If this debacle could magically be voted upon, everyone knows what the outcome would be — everyone except a czar and a puppet. Martin and Sampson are like bullies in the sandbox. Bullying is being stomped out. Citizens of Glenwood, put on your boots and let’s get stomping.

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