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Letter: Too big a raise

Wow! I want to live in Parachute and work with the town manager. He makes a million dollars a year.

He just got a 3 percent raise that is equal to “somewhere around $30,000,” I read. Then I read (same letter) he makes $100,000 per year, so maybe he got a 30 percent raise? I simply cannot grasp this new Parachute math.

Brad Gates

New Castle

Editor’s note: A previous letter said that Parachute’s town manager got “a 3 percent raise, which equates to somewhere around $30,000.” In reality, Town Manager Stuart McArthur got a raise of about 3.4 percent, from $96,720 to $100,000 a year under a contract unanimously approved by trustees in March. The PI should have caught the initial letter writer’s mistake.

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