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Letter: Tourists didn’t legalize pot

I’m a bit confused again. In this debate concerning the marijuana bakery downtown, I have read several statements in letters that say Glenwood Springs does not want to become a destination resort for marijuana tourism.

I think Glenwood has been positioning itself as a destination resort for decades. Apparently only for certain types of tourists.

These letter writers are assuming that the marijuana industry will bring undesirable tourists who will frequent only marijuana stores.

Please define for me what a marijuana tourist looks like. Does he hike, or ski, or eat, or just smoke pot? Will this tourist rent a room or sleep under the bridge? Is the marijuana tourist married with children? Is the marijuana tourist male or female? Is the marijuana tourist educated? Does the marijuana tourist have money? Is the marijuana tourist a professional or a bum?

Was it the feared marijuana tourist who came to Colorado and voted marijuana be legal, or was that you and your neighbor? I’m pretty sure it was you and your neighbor, but correct me if I’m wrong, please.

Brad Gates

New Castle

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