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Letter: Troubled candidates

The irony is that Republicans don’t own anything. They don’t own anything they espouse. They don’t own Donald Trump. First, they wanted a pledge from Trump that he would not splinter from the party in the event he didn’t get the nomination; now, he is well on the way to the nomination and “his” party wants to distance themselves from Trump.

Trump expresses what fellow Republicans only think. He owns it. That’s refreshing even if it’s only lip service. It’s just too bad that some candidates don’t have real-world experience like Trump and knowledge of the government. The closest one for the Republicans is Kasich. Carson dropped out and the real problem for Trump is “Tag Team Cuba” and the party-line hierarchy.

It is Hillary’s turn. So, she can find the Oval Office and the bathroom, but little else. She only shakes a leg when outside forces intervene; otherwise, she’s complacent. She showed a keen interest in creating power vacuums all over the world…. the saddest of which was for the “over the hill” desperado, bin Laden. Had she shown the intensity and concern as photographed in bin Laden’s demise as for Chris Stevens and staff in Benghazi, she would be praised. Instead she’s a clueless queen and by default guilty of criminal negligence with a truck load of baggage to boot.

Bernie Sanders is misaligned. He is the candidate with integrity, despite the old communist smears. Wake up. People matter as much as free enterprise. That’s what Bernie has tapped into. The “trickle up” theory works when low wage earners have discretionary spending money… beyond subsistence wages.

Look out for hard line losers with misinformation …

(Interesting note is that Silt turned out more people in their caucusing than all of Mesa County.)

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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