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Letter: True immigration reform is a must

Warren Klug

I am writing to add my thoughts to the immigration discussion recently “front and center” in your paper. As a local hotel operator and employer of immigrants, I concur with the statements made in the recent editorial in the Post Independent entitled, “We need immigration law grounded in reality,” as I also stand with immigrants — proudly!

These are hard-working people who are just like all of us, wanting the best for their families and those close to them. These are people who are part of our communities, they go to our schools and attend our churches, they pay taxes and they spend money in our local businesses.

Tourism and visitor-related industries are the economic backbone of much of Colorado, including the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. Tourism is a very labor-intensive industry, and our employers and local businesses need hard-working employees to make their businesses possible. We employ so many immigrants in our industry for one simple reason: We need them. Well, perhaps another reason: They work hard and serve our clients and customers well.

It is essential that Congress consider legislative solutions to immigration that are not only morally sound but economically beneficial. It is wrong for our elected leaders to do nothing, or worse, to pursue false solutions like sending over 11 million people somewhere else. We should expect better of our own elected representatives.

It is imperative that our immigrant neighbors, employees, students and friends have a realistic option for immigration reform and it is up to those of us who are citizens to help them. Let’s keep the conversations going with the direction that true immigration reform is a must.

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