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Letter: Two letters, two topics, one common denominator

I read both letters to the editor on Thursday, June 6, concerning actions by the Garfield County commissioners. One was on the county land use code (or alleged lack thereof) and one was on public lands (Bureau of Land Management) and their proposed regulatory standards. Both were thoughtful responses to current issues.

However, on Jankovsky allegedly not representing the writer’s point of view on the regulation of the oil shale industry: The current commissioner won his election in 2010. We have a form of representative government, and his viewpoint is the prevailing one (according to electoral politics).

The same can be said about the county’s approach to land use with the ”redlining of Land Use Code Article 7 on Standards.” The three commissioners are like-minded when it comes to regulatory structure — less is better.

The politicizing of the land use code letter hits at the heart of the matter, and not just on these two issues. The notion of decisions being based on the needs of the whole, best practices or on the matter of the best business decision are nonexistent. For that matter, answering the simple question of ”what is the right thing to do?” has been absent since January 2012.

What you have are three elected “CEOs” as opposed to a board of directors. They are again of similar mindsets and will direct activities toward the prevailing “politics de jour,” or paybacks for favors previously done. The (shareholders) voters they are playing to, is their perceived constituency. Their chief of staff dutifully says yes to each directive he receives from each of the trinity, without regard to consequence because the boss(es) are always right.

A former elected official once told me,”People don’t give a damn about government until their ox gets gored.” Maybe the bovine will bleed out. Otherwise, you will continue to get the government you deserve.

Dale Hancock

Glenwood Springs

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