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Letter: Ugly argument

Bruno Kirchenwitz, in his ugly argument saying that bullets are a power that speaks louder and more finally than democratic voting, develops his own dialect as he describes his belief in the historic importance of the bullet.

Bobby Kennedy did not have his election “vetoed,” as Bruno describes. He was shot in the head by a man. John Kennedy was also shot dead by an assassin, his blood covering his wife. Abraham Lincoln was not “recalled” by the power of a bullet, but killed by a vain and deluded man. All these were horrible and traumatic events.

I wish those bullets could have replaced the men who have died defending our rights and process of voting, and Bruno’s right to confused disrespect glorifying violence and guns in our history. In that case we would have graveyards full of patriotic bullets instead of men.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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