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Letter: Ultimate Christmas gift

Diane Reynolds
Imagine Glenwood
Glenwood Springs

There’s no place like home … This year give a neverending, ultimate gift and give it to Glenwood, the city we call home. This selfless, generous gift costs you nothing and yet it’s value is priceless. It makes the city and you safer, more prosperous and has amazing restorative properties. It encourages tourism and promotes family life. What’s not to like?

All you need to do is simply unleash the enormous power within you.

It starts in the toes: Ease off the gas pedal, make a commitment to drive posted speeds. This actually puts money back in your pocket with gas savings of up to 30 percent. Lower speeds equal less sound pollution, lower speeds promote pedestrian and tourist safety, and tourism is very important to our vitality.

It continues in your hands: Turn steering wheels to Grand. Merchants love exposure and when money is spent in town it keeps us thriving. The added bonus? Restoring peace and quiet to the historic heart of the downtown neighborhoods, restoring quality family life.

And finally, the mind … for a better frame of mind, allow extra time for car travel, even consider and implement or use an alternative. Our highly desirable valley is continually expanding, the impact on our home will continue, it will grow. There are more of us now than ever before. With more cars per square foot of existing pavement there is no getting around like we used to. Driving posted speeds will allow access to Grand without fear and encourage other drivers to follow suit. Rethink the times of day for car trips, everyones sanity can be restored.

Acknowledge the enormous power you have to give this gift and every day feel good about giving it and preserving the quality of life in this amazing city because

There’s no place like our home, Glenwood Springs.

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