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Letter: Uneducated marijuana views

I was offended and dismayed to read your article “Officer warns of complacency toward pot.” I find it very irresponsible of you to report one man’s extremely uneducated opinion without balancing that report with factual information. Especially in a town which is so progressive and supportive of natural medicine, it is so discouraging to read this type of misinformation in my local paper.

I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in 2012 and had to undergo intensive chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The treatment did eliminate my cancer, but three years later I still suffer from muscle and nerve damage, daily nausea and muscle cramps, which at times are debilitating. My oncologist prescribed to me the following drugs to “treat” these symptoms:

Oxycontin: (painkiller) highly addictive, causes constipation, makes me queasy, makes me drowsy, makes me too spacey to function, not very effective either with my spasms.

Cyclobenzaprine: (muscle relaxant) totally ineffective, makes me extremely drowsy, makes me grumpy and “hungover.”

Ondansetron: (anti-nausea) slightly effective, but causes immediate headache, makes me extremely drowsy.

None of these “approved” medicines are effective at helping me, and the side effects make them impossible to use and carry on a normal life. Instead, with using medical cannabis, I can purchase strains of cannabis that are high in CBD, which is chemical compound that has high medicinal value for people like me but does not have psychoactive properties that THC does. Thus, I don’t get high, but the strains are amazingly effective for my conditions and do not cause me any negative side effects. Also, these high-CBD strains have been shown to be amazingly effective at treating such things as severe epilepsy where all other medicines fail.

I could go on and on about the many ways you could have taken this article and chosen to report a more balanced view of the use of cannabis, both recreationally as well as medically, instead of just reporting on a bunch of lies and misinformation that only hurt people like me.

I do believe that cannabis should be used responsibly and that children should be taught about that. But if you want to “warn” anyone about the negative effects of a drug, maybe you should start with a conversation about the effects of the drugs that the pharmaceutical industry pedals to the public, many of which are anything but safe.

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