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Letter: Unusual interpretation of states’ rights

Columnist Talbott has presented a novel interpretation of the doctrine of states’ rights: that the purpose of those rights is for the states to compete against each other. He suggests that this competition results in innovations in agriculture and industry, resorts and lower taxes.

When it comes to ski resorts, Colorado has sure kicked Kansas’ butt. I’m not sure that Colorado has not been holding its own in resource production. You can’t walk out of your house in western Garfield County and not trip over a gas well.

Apparently we have so much natural gas it’s time to sell it overseas. I guess the sooner we can get rid of it the better. I mean, what would be the point of keeping some natural gas around; heat our houses?

Still, in the competition between newspaper columns, this one has the best line ever: “You may not realize it, but I was headed somewhere.”

Pat Hunter


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