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Letter: Upset by CRMS project

Dear CRMS: After all the meetings last year, and the final decision by the BOCC to deny your County Road 106 vacation request, why are you building a fence across the public right of way? That land belongs to the Garfield County taxpayers, and it is illegal to block or alter it without public notice.

You tout that you are fostering “a learning environment in which students discover their potential to excel as individuals, contribute to their communities, and thoughtfully participate in the world we share.” In actuality you are showing them that due process should be utilized unless it doesn’t produce the desired results, in which case you just take what you want. The message is loud and clear: the law only applies to those who can’t afford a high-priced attorney.

Looks, sounds and smells like new money in the Old West to me.

Jeannie Perry


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