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Letter: Upside of canyon closures

I came through the canyon the evening of Feb. 22, the night it opened after the shut-down. It took an extra four hours and I grumbled accordingly. It was dark and I couldn’t see anything; there is nothing quite as effective as the unknown to set a Type A down the path of dysphoria.

Today, I’m ashamed. I’ve traversed the canyon a number of times now in the light of day and discovered that a steady roll at 30 mph, accented with a smattering of full on pauses affords one an opportunity we could never have budgeted before.

Roll the windows down, open the sunroof or drop the top … and take it all in. Crank the tunes and look up. Cerulean sky against cayenne stone etched with burnt sienna and evergreen.

Not since my fourth-grade box of 64 colors with the built in sharpener have I seen such a pallet. Or spend the time reflecting on the workers who risked and lost their lives carving this mountain out for convenience’s sake, or praying for the protection of the workers scrambling now to unclog our primary artery and restore full circulation.

What a magnificent accomplishment Glenwood Canyon represents and what a stunning wonder we now have the opportunity to drink in at an easy pace. Much gratitude.

Sabrina Stratford


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