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Letter: Vanian is one of us

When you hear someone call a person a “politician“ it usually isn’t a compliment. I think that is because it has gotten to be in our society that politicians tend to say one thing and do another. They follow their party’s ways rather than their own, trying to just stay in office. Well that means Jennifer Vanian is not a politician. She stands up for her beliefs and listens to what others believe. And when she tackles something, she’s all in, going above and beyond most others. I’d be willing to say she has worked harder to be more informed about Glenwood’s issues than any other candidate. Talking to people in our city government, touring our facilities and reading everything she can get her hands on about the current issues. When someone is willing to put in this kind of effort, that is someone we want making completely thought-out decisions for our town. She does her homework and will be a great asset to our city council.

John Korrie,

Glenwood Springs

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