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LETTER: Veloci-RFTA doesn’t add up

I’m a bit confused. The new Veloci-RFTA transit system is designed to move people more efficiently and cut down on traffic in the Roaring Fork Valley, right? Let’s do some math. Simple math at that.

Glenwood’s traffic issue is estimated at about 22,000 cars per day [on Highway 82]. Let’s assume not all 22,000 of those cars stop to shop, or work in Glenwood. Let us also assume that those cars don’t all come from West Glenwood. For this example, let’s say it’s 11,000 cars going south, and later those same 11,000 cars going north. Of those 11,000 cars let’s say 50 percent are commuting workers from the I-70 corridor, so 5,500 cars. Of those 5,500 cars let’s say … oh, about 2,000 wish to switch from private vehicles to the new Veloci-RFTA. OK, so how do we do that? The new Veloci-RFTA does not go past West Glenwood. The RFTA buses serving the people that drive those 5,500 commuter cars offer two buses in the morning. So if you are not leaving, for example, New Castle at 5:55 a.m., or an hour later at 6:55 a.m., your next option is to drive to Glenwood and use one of the park and ride lots. There is one in West Glenwood, and the new transfer station in south Glenwood. Let’s just assume an even split … half of us park in West Glenwood, while the other 1,000 cars try to park at the transfer station. But the lot in West Glenwood doesn’t hold 1,000 Cars … neither does the lot at the transfer station. So here is the confusion … RFTA put more buses on the road, more traffic, to do what? Where are the park and ride lots that actually match, even a portion, of possible commuter ridership numbers? Where is our incentive? How is it easier than driving?

After downtown Glenwood dies, it could be a park and ride lot … or a really big bridge to a park and ride lot. Maybe RFTA will name the buses like Boulder has done with Hop, Skip and Jump. May I suggest Pork Barrel, Pork Chop and Bacon.

Brad Gates

New Castle

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