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Letter: Vet bemoans mail delivery problems

I am a tenant in the newly built Glenwood Meadows apartments at 220 Flat Tops View Drive in GWS. I am the first person to move into my building. I am a disabled Vietnam-era veteran and live alone. I cannot get mail delivered to my home because of some rule, regulation or inexplicable fight between the Monroe Group and the USPS.

When I moved in and asked about mail delivery I was told by the first of now five or more managers that the post office refused to deliver mail to this location – no other reason was given. A visit to the PO in GWS and personal meeting with the postmaster revealed a different story. The postmaster said the Monroe Group refused to purchase and install a mail receptacle found at any apartment complex. The postmaster was kind enough to explain the entire process.

The property owners of all such places buy and install mail receptacles that will be inspected by the post office for mail delivery worthiness. Approved, the address of each apartment is given or assigned a mailbox, a key and the post office makes the address part of a delivery route. Returning to the “manager” at my complex, I was again told that it was the post office that refused to deliver mail here, and just last week a new twist was added. It came to me as part of an overheard conversation by a person who works for the owners. The response: “The reason the post office won’t deliver mail here is, “water?” What?

As a disabled Vietnam-era veteran living on a small fixed income I cannot afford the post office box fee. Last year my mail was discontinued for several weeks until I could pay the fee. I get medical supplies including prescriptions from the VA that can be delivered only by mail. Everything was returned as “undeliverable.” It has caused me very serious issues. There are 60 units here and we all have to suffer this injustice.

Ken Jackson

Glenwood Springs

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