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Letter: Veterans vs. USAA car insurance

“We do not know how good our insurance is until we have to use it.”

In my experience with USAA, of which I have been a member since 1997 because I am a 25-year veteran and only veterans and their families can join, I had never used USAA car insurance in a personal claim until now. Nine months ago I was involved in a single-car accident, my fault, resulting in a terrible whiplash condition.

No local pharmacy handles car insurance prescriptions, so I had to pay hundreds in cash for the prescribed pain medication (lidocaine patches for localized pain). Then I submitted the receipts to USAA and they were denied as needing more information from the prescribing physician. I’ve had to be the middle go-between guy trying to get all these approved documents with no success because USAA still said they needed more information.

I finally had to do without pain medication except OxyContin, which USAA approved. Oxy makes me a “zombie” as well as sick to the stomach and causes me to lose my appetite. I had total right shoulder replacement surgery eight weeks ago and Oxy does not control my pain.

Now USAA denies my prescribed blood thinner meds due to blood clots from surgery. I’ve had to pay cash or do without because USAA denies the required prescription. Soon I will have the left shoulder also replaced and go through the Rx expense or do without pain medication and blood thinner medications prescribed by the surgeon.

I even contacted some big Denver TV commercial lawyers and they won’t touch a case unless they can get a $2 million or $3 million settlement for you and then get their one-third cut.

“Buyers beware” when you buy USAA car insurance because you are an eligible veteran. Just another company taking advantage of us veterans. They want our premiums but will drag their feet in paying, causing a lot of harassment and frustration for the client’s claim.

Irvin Tilley

Glenwood Springs

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