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Letter: Vote no on Rifle rec center

A ballot measure is coming soon to the residents of Rifle on a recreation center. We need to vote this down.

Aren’t you paying enough already on sales tax for the things you buy in Rifle, or do you want to pay more? You go to the grocery store and spend $100 dollars and then look at what you got and it’s not much. Do you want to look into that cart after a yes vote passes for the rec center and see even a little less than before?

There are empty buildings already in town with no business there. Do we want to drive out more of them? Wouldn’t Rifle look pretty good with empty store fronts but hey we have a brand new multi-million dollar rec center? How many government-run facilities operate within budget every year? Very few; they always want more money.

Businesses don’t pay the extra taxes — they pass them on to the consumers by raising the prices of the merchandise they are selling, so we get less for more money. They say it’s a slight increase we won’t even notice, but what does government ever do that doesn’t affect our pocketbook one way or another?

If there is a need for a rec center or gym, then the private sector will fill the need. Or raise money for a building; ask for private donations, where is all the gas and oil money going? Don’t forget, we have another multi-million dollar facility going in, which is the water treatment building. Do we want to run more jobs out of the valley and pay more sales tax for less items in return? The answer is no, and come September, it’s time we vote NO on D.

Curt Hanson


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