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Letter: Vote no on Rifle rec center

I would urge everyone to vote no on the Rifle rec center. This is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing for a tax hike that doesn’t need to be.

Everywhere you look we are taxed to death. Where does it stop? The city bought the gym over by Wal-Mart for a guinea pig project to gauge interest for a rec center. I haven’t joined it because it cost too much per month. Is the rec center going to be the same or more?

Battlement Mesa charges its resident’s a yearly fee whether you use it or not. This is just another over-reach of government into our lives. If people want a fitness center how about a private entity like Powerhouse Gym, Gold’s, or Cross fit? Something that isn’t another tax for the taxpayers. The city is like any other form of government drumming up ways to tax us more. I have an idea: How about cutting some waste in local, county and state government? The proposed rec center is yet another monstrous tax and burden on taxpayers like the water treatment plant in Rifle for $25 million with less than 10,000 residents. The city and county are worried because property values have declined the past few years and are looking for ways to recoup money they lost.

Remember, when Government institutes a new tax, they never repeal it. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of working harder and getting less in return. We are paying more for less. Vote no on the Rife rec center unless you want to pay higher property tax or sales tax or both.

Curt Hanson


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