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Letter: Vote with the Kochs and fear for children

According to Colorado Public Radio, groups linked to the billionaire Koch brothers are spending millions to run ads on Colorado TV. They include: Freedom Partners (almost $1.2 million), Generation Opportunity ($648,000), Americans for Prosperity ($382,000) and American Energy Alliance (almost $160,000). This is the first time I can remember (73 years old) that anyone blatantly attempted to buy an entire election in the United States.

FYI, the Koch brothers (two people), have put up more money to influence this election than all (both parties) other sources combined (almost $300 million). They don’t have to say who they really are in the ads. These ads are full of lies and half-truths and most are negative attack ads intended to sow doubt in the electorate. One of the Colorado candidates they support, Cory Gardner, is a proven corporate shill.

Observing elections around the country suffering from Koch money will show that they are only involved in close races that could change the party balance in the Senate (fewer than 10), boosting the fraud of the Keystone Pipeline and attacking Obamacare. The candidates they offer are often clones of Cory Gardner.

This is perhaps the most dangerous election the U.S. will ever see. This one could turn the country over to the wealthy and the corporations and their hold will be very difficult to break. The Republican Party is currently completely possessed by the wealthy, whose sole purpose is total control/more wealth. The real masters simply use and ignore their lunatic fringe (tea party and Christian fundamentalists) and forge on to fascism and the ever-growing kleptocracy. The 1 percent now have 40 percent of the money. Give them this election and live in fear for the quality of life and freedom of your children and grandchildren.

You have already seen the fraudulent attacks on education, environmental protection, voting rights, immigration and personal freedom. Vote in the slaves of the oligarchs and you will see more of the same. Among other things, expect complete government paralysis to continue for the following two years.

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

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