Letter: Vote yes on D


I understand people believe it’s the wrong time to add a tax, but the recreation center is an investment in our health and positive mental attitudes for young and old. Seven cents on $10 is less than buying a brand name coffee when you shop. When filling your tank with gas, D is just loose change you toss into a cup.

Would you rather soak/exercise in a recreation pool when you sprain your knee or back, enjoy having time with family and friends or would you rather pay about $7 a visit, if space is available in a hospital physical therapy pool? One way it’s R&R — the other way you’re hurt/sick. Would you rather pay for a recreation center or pay higher taxes for medical insurance and government assistance to those with mobility/obesity issues, etc.? Would you rather travel to another city to their recreation center, eat in that city’s restaurants and shop in their stores, or keep your dollars here for our community and families?

We deserve this pool, we need this center, and its approval depends on us voting yes on D. Help a neighbor or friend to vote yes on D.

Making a better future comes from planning ahead. Adding 7 cents to a $10 purchase today can pay us back with a center helping children, seniors, vets and so many others to exercise and maintain good muscle tone. Our local stores will have increased clients and those clients will contribute to the seven-cent fund, too.

Think how great it will be to get out of the house when it snows and go to our Rifle Recreation Center instead of waiting for spring. And when times are good again, we are ready, not waiting.

Let’s make it happen.

Penny Keif


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