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Letter: VW deceit shows need for change

In my humble opinion, Volkswagen’s deceitful actions represent our larger system of government, which regulates commerce through government regulations, monitored by very few regulators. Even those who govern us are not governed.

Imagine if the citizens of the community were permitted to regulate this business. They have a stake in the success of the business, their reputation in the community and the fallout of shady business practices. All businesses that put the dollar bill as their primary goal, caring little about building local wealth and protecting the local environment, will take necessary shortcuts to accomplish their goal.

We see this all over the West with the oil and gas industry. Every community has a Goliath, such as industrial hog farms in Pennsylvania, Superfund sites in Ohio, bans on enacting minimum wages in Washington state, Monsanto-owned corn farms in Illinois. The list goes on and on. How are you being colonized in your community by corporations?

I believe that when a local community is given the responsibility to ensure that its citizens, environment and economy are progressing to the level that allows them to thrive, then actions similar to what VW took would be impossible to accomplish. Malcolm Gladwell writes about a company in his book, “The Tipping Point,” where all workers in all departments are empowered to do what’s best for their company, the product and the public, because their actions have a direct impact on their own success. Employees of different departments work in the same factory, they know each other, and trust each other.

Examples like this continue to support my belief that changing our system of local government, from a statutory one to home rule, with local community bills of rights, is one solution to the corrupt, self-serving nature of big government and business.

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (http://www.celdf.org) and Colorado Community Rights Network (http://www.cocrn.org) have more details on the 2016 Colorado State ballot initiative, Community Rights Amendment. This amendment to the Colorado Constitution strengthens current protections for people and places we love, and empowers a community to do thrive.

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