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LETTER: Watershed council is not a watchdog group

Regarding the Sept. 6 article, “Watchdog group explains mission to Garfield County Energy Advisory Board”:

We would like to thank the Post Independent for publishing a prominent article on the mission of the Middle Colorado Watershed Council. An important part of the council’s activities includes public outreach and education regarding the health of the watershed we live in; press coverage by the PI helps us advance that mission. We find the contents of the article to be accurate, comprehensive and well-presented.

We do, however, take exception to the use of the word “watchdog” in the headline. We would like to clarify that the council is not a regulatory body and assumes no authority to control the activities of any individual or entity. The council was formed with the idea that the most effective way for all of us who live and work here to care for our water resources is by working together. This is why we have worked diligently to engage a range of stakeholders and perspectives, and will continue to do so. We work with any and all interested parties on a collaborative and voluntary basis as it relates to maintaining and improving the health of the Middle Colorado watershed.

The Leadership Committee of the Middle Colorado Watershed Council

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