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Letter: We agree — fix Glenwood’s streets

We agree — fix Glenwood’s streets

There is a constant refrain in our city: the streets are a mess, potholes everywhere, crumbling, dangerous streets, why isn’t anything being done about it? This is a situation brought about by a combination of aging streets, lack of funds during the Great Recession, and demands related to the Grand Avenue Bridge project. There has been progress in the last couple of years with more streets receiving basic maintenance, and this is expected to continue with current city revenues. But many streets and associated infrastructure are simply failed. Potholes are patched, then open again three months later, water mains leak and need repairs, streets are undercut by storm water and begin to crumble. These streets require reconstruction.

A third party professional assessment of the conditions of all city streets has identified streets needing maintenance and those requiring reconstruction. Ten year construction schedules and a map of all city streets showing the year that they’re scheduled for construction can be found on this citizen website: fixourstreetsnow.org. These schedules include street reconstruction as well as required repairs to water, sewer, storm drainage and broadband conduit.

There is a cost, of course, an estimated $56 million over 10 years beyond currently projected city revenues. It sounds daunting, but would your family pitch in 25 cents per day toward that $56 million? I ask this, because that is what the 0.75 percent sales tax increase for streets (Issue A) on the upcoming city ballot will ask of the average family in Glenwood. Seems impossible, but it is true, based on IRS sales tax tables and the fact that each sales tax dollar paid here by Glenwood residents is matched by three dollars paid by visitors and non-resident shoppers.

Ballot Issue A is the vehicle for creating safe, long-lasting streets and associated infrastructure at a very affordable price for individual families. Critically, Issue A funds can only be used for street reconstruction projects.

I have faith in our wonderful community of Glenwood Springs. We will choose to affirmatively address this critical issue. Vote “Yes” on Issue A.

John Stephens

Glenwood Springs

Hershey, Willman are committed to Glenwood and its citizens

As a Glenwood resident for more than 40 years, I am delighted to see that Tony Hershey and Charlie Willman are seeking seats on our city council. Through my years of involvement with our community and its government, I have come to know both very well and have always been impressed with their commitment to Glenwood and its citizens and their willingness to devote their time, intellect and energy to making it a wonderful place within which to live and work. Tony and Charlie are longtime residents with a real history of involvement in the community. Both will bring true knowledge of the needs and desires of our citizens to the Council while neither will be indebted to special interests.

In my opinion, we could have no more qualified, knowledgeable, or dedicated representatives and I urge everyone to vote for Tony Hershey as an at large representative and those in Ward 3 to cast their vote for Charlie Willman.

Bruce Christensen,

Glenwood Springs

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