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Letter: We are being taxed to death

I read a letter from Bill Grant the other day and I have listened to a lot of people here in Carbondale who are already struggling to pay their tax bills. I think we all knew that when the school district wanted to alleviate the overcrowding in one school that they would not be satisfied with that.

It seems the Re-1 school board just has to push the button and let’s do this again. Town of Carbondale, you’re wanting more tax money too. So how much is ever enough? Oh, we can’t live within a budget like this economy is forcing us to do. Let’s ask for some more tax money.

Enough already. Oh, and by the way, like Bill Grant said, “Oh, it will only amount to a few hundred dollars and after all its for our kids.”

I think its gone way beyond the few hundred dollars and you want to put the guilt trip on people: “It’s for the kids.” Well, 65 percent of the older people in this valley managed to survive without new schools, and new schools may take care of the overcrowding, but not every school is overcrowded.

A 33 percent tax hike is way more than a few hundred dollars on everybody’s tax bill. Most people I have spoken with said its a few thousand dollars more. So, town of Carbondale, why don’t you figure out something else? First it was we need all those lights down Highway 133, then somebody said, “Oh, gosh, Carbondale’s carbon footprint is way out of control and we need to shut the lighting down.” I think it’s a little late for that.

You may want to rethink this tax that you’re pushing for. We are being taxed to death. You want new taxes, then start allowing more businesses to come to quaint Carbondale. You can’t have it both ways.

Jane Spaulding


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