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Letter: We are in danger

What has preserved our sovereignty, as a nation, are our laws. Those laws have been compromised to the point where we are in danger as both a country and a society. Our failure to elect responsible leaders have taken us from the path of prosperity to the malignant path of a debtor nation.

The illegal arrival of a yet-to-be determined number of Latino immigrants has not been the product of positive change so much as it has placed an undue burden on the American taxpayer. I have been to Mexico, witnessed and experienced the corruption that has ruled Mexico since the revolution.

If I were a Mexican, I would have fled to the United States as well. The biggest strides the country has made in the last 30 years is the export of a large segment of their poverty, their criminals and the blessing of the North American Trade Agreement. Before the institution of NFTA, the second-largest financial contribution, second only to their oil industry, was $20 billion per year sent to Mexico via the Mexicans working in the United States illegally.

At no more critical time in our history, we the people of the United States are being forced to accept the influx of thousands upon thousands of Muslim migrants who are fleeing for about the same reasons as the Latinos fled. The difference being, they practice a religion that demands the conversion of all inhabitants of planet Earth to the religion of Islam or be wiped from the face of the Earth.

Anti-American fervor has reached a deafening pitch during our current election where a demand by the citizens of the United States, who are expressing their resentment over the failure of our elected representatives, to not only follow but enforce our Constitution, is being masked by a false accusation of racism.

We did not cause your countries of origin to become places to flee from.

In 1607, when the colony at Jamestown, Virginia, was established, we were like any other explorer, like the Native Americans.

Jimi Olson


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