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Letter: We aren’t proactive

Among the many reasons we have climate change deniers was referred to in Eric Olander’s letter excellent on another matter (PI 9/21). We are not a proactive people. Scientists tell us these calamities are coming 20 to 40 years from now and we say, ”So what. I’ll be dead by then.”

That is why we allow our federal government to run up such huge deficits. We’re not going to pay the tab. Our children will.

Mr. Olander pointed out we used to be a people who wanted to leave a world for our children that was better than what we knew. Today, the prevalent outlook is as long as I’m comfortable, the world can end when I die.

The people of Texas, Florida and the Caribbean weren’t very comfortable this summer. There’s nothing we could’ve done in recent times to prevent those unnatural disasters. The seeds were planted years ago. All we can do is make sure the future isn’t much worse.

Fred Malo Jr.


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