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Letter: We must move beyond fossil fuels

If the jury is still out regarding manmade climate change then the jury is rigged.

My recommendation to Mr. Ingraham [PI Sept. 3] is to examine the past and present employers of the “highly credentialed” scientists that he has found who dispute global warming.

The fact Al Gore identified best concerning climate change is that it is inconvenient. It is much easier to discuss and debate and prevaricate than it is to squeeze yourself into a fuel efficient car, or insulate your house or forgo a trip to see the Broncos or the grandkids.

It is much easier to sit, discuss and deliberate in a scholarly modulated tenor than to raise your voice and admit the entire planet and every living thing on it is in trouble, and you, yourself, and your lifestyle are the reason. Sorry to be shrill.

The deliberation necessary at this point is how we move away from fossil fuel. This is “all hands on deck” and I imagine the discussion becoming more and more emotional as temperatures rise, as will drought and famine. The sun is shining so brightly on the “truth” it hurts.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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