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LETTER: We need to ban fracking

To state Sens. Steve King of Grand Junction and Randy Baumgardner of Hot Sulphur Springs, along with state Reps. Rankin, Ray Scott of Grand Junction and Jared Wright of Fruita: I am writing in response to your recent admonishment of Casey Sheahan’s (CEO of Patagonia) recent letter speaking against fracking in the state of Colorado.

I am astounded by the audacity you have shown stating that, “We would like to call your attention to the damage your recent and ill-thought-out anti-fracking campaign is doing to the people and economy of both our region and our state.”

What on Earth makes you think that this man who is the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation has not thoroughly researched and “thought-out” his stance on the practice of fracking by the oil and gas industry? I for one, commend Mr. Sheahan’s opinion on this matter. No one will ever convince me that “fracking” is a safe practice and does no harm to the environment. Pumping chemicals deep into the earth to extract oil/gas does not scream “safe practice” to me. The fact is that nobody knows what this process will do to the Earth long term. If you look at an aerial photograph of the state and see where fracking has been done; you will see a lunar landscape where nothing grows. Is this what you want to leave your children? Is this where you want to call home?

Rep. Rankin goes on to say, “This is a technology that has been used successfully since the 1940s without a single instance of contaminated groundwater, according to the EPA.” I respectfully disagree, albeit vehemently. Just this past summer, there was a “leak” out by Parachute Creek that went unreported until someone (not in the oil/gas industry) exposed it. The oil/gas industry was not forthcoming with their information and downplayed it at every turn. “There is no danger to Parachute Creek,” then later, “There is some contamination to Parachute Creek but nothing to be alarmed about.” Every bit of information given was like pulling teeth; nobody wanted to talk or be completely blunt and truthful on the matter. We still don’t have any idea what effect this will have on the land or water supply in the years to come. Livestock are drinking from this water source, and crops are being watered by it.

Sheahan concluded in his letter that Colorado has the opportunity to be a national leader in ending the practice of fracking and pushing toward development of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal. What the oil/gas industry is fighting so hard to prevent can be accomplished. This country has taken the easy way producing oil/gas for years and at the detriment of the planet we live on. It all comes down to greed. The almighty dollar speaks, and the oil/gas industry does not want to lose its monopoly. The Earth is not an infinite resource. When are people going to understand this?

Water is fast proving to be the No. 1 commodity not only in this region but in the whole country. Do you have any idea how much water is wasted using “fracking”? It is unconscionable and needs to stop. Ban the practice of “fracking” before it’s too late.

I commend Casey Sheahan for speaking out and hope he and others in his position will continue to do so.

Stacey Linman

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: The Parachute Creek spill referenced in this letter was not a direct result of fracking. It occurred because of a leak in a faulty pipe valve.

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