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Letter: We won’t get the clown

The man who bought my house in Aspen Glen is a staunch supporter of the Republican Party but will not vote for Trump. Steve Hays, a Fox News contributor, told me directly that he will not vote for Trump. A lady who has voted all of her life straight Republican was interviewed on TV and stated she will not vote for Trump.

There are thousands and thousands of other Republicans that will not vote for Donald. I am not a Republican but I will vote for Trump. Why? I read the book that he wrote years ago and have earnestly checked out this man and his family. Don’t these dissenters realize that he is ill at ease as a campaigner? It is a game to him. A game he does not know how to play, how to seem sincere as do so many politicians is not his way.

So, as we have all seen, he makes funny faces, makes ridiculous statements, is too repetitious and feels that if he is struck he has to hit back. OK, we do not like his manner but that is not what we will get if he is our president.

The fight will be over and he will give his life for his country. He will again be the great businessman he has been in the past and will appoint the best advisers such as John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, an admiral, a general and other qualified advisers, unlike Obama’s appointees.

Even his supporters, such as O’Reilly and Hannity, have not pointed this out. We will not get the clown that we have been watching up until now. We will get a capable businessman who will do what is best for the United States of America. Even people who believe what I am saying will feel that Trump is doing all of this to bolster his ego. His ego is already where is should be. He is ready to devote his life for his country.

Dick Fitzgerald


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