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Letter: Weed out downtown, grow a conscience

There are two distinct issues with respect to downtown Glenwood going to the weeds. They are 1) The city made mistakes on the initial drafting of the regulations regarding approval of new pot shops, and 2) The pot shops — who make millions — don’t seem to have a conscience (at least from my perspective).

Now I don’t blame the City Council for the initial mistakes. I mean, did anyone really imagine that pot shops in Glenwood would pop up like dandelions in spring all over town? And who would have predicted that there could possibly be a pot shop on every block of downtown? Certainly not me … but surprise, surprise — it’s becoming close to a reality. And how sad is that? It is very sad, and to me, very embarrassing (like “Hey… nice town, right? Love the family atmosphere. Not.”)

However, if the (new) City Council doesn’t immediately step in and set a moratorium or similar until new policies are created (like “enough is enough”), then yes, I will blame City Council. Especially after the pounding we got with “The New Mantra” touting the “New City Council” is going to listen and represent the citizens of GWS. Well … here is your chance to act (fast) and prove it.

And as for the millionaire pot shop owners, grow a conscience. There are plenty of places where your location would be much more appropriate then in the city center, which (in my opinion) should remain 100 percent family friendly with minimal intrusion to your money-making machine (although it might be a little too late with the current invasion of weed). Regardless, your customers will find you. So please, realize you are making plenty of money, and it would be in your best interest to show some respect to the general public who live in Glenwood, and to help maintain Glenwood as not only a family vacation destination, but also a great place to raise a family.

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