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Letter: Welcome to second class

Our government now calls Social Security an entitlement — as though “benevolent” politicians see us as a charitable cause. What they now give out in the form of COLAs (cost of living adjustments) are downright pitiful and an insult. Perhaps these people in Washington, D.C., have forgotten that it was an older generation that nurtured, housed, fed, clothed, prepared and cheered them on to a bright future. It seems that more than ever in our society a person’s worth is based on age.

Seniors are regarded as second-class citizens. Haven’t many of us over 65 been ignored while a young store clerk stares into space or chats with another younger person? Haven’t many of us been called “sweetie” by a waitress, which I feel is condescending. I also believe that many in D.C. can only picture the more fortunate retired couples who can travel or own vacation condos. The fact is that many more retirees are just squeaking by from month to month. There is no travel, no entertainment, and often not even higher quality grocery items.

The bottom line is this: During our working years we turned over a substantial portion of our wages or salaries to the feds for retirement. The criminal part of the story is that they spent it. There are literally thousands of government-funded programs that could and should be cut to boost Social Security — so many things that the government has no business doing with our tax dollars. Of course, there never was a separate and secured SS fund; but we were misled to believe that we could count on the word of politicians. Here is a reality check for the young who will someday face this situation — my monthly COLA for 2014 was exactly $9.95 — not even enough to buy a pack of hearing aid batteries. Of course, the newest insult is this administration’s health care bill, which also shows that we are unworthy of existence.

Carol K. Abbott


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