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Letter: West feeds cycle of outrage

Tom Rutledge
Glenwood Springs

Christian armies invaded and destroyed secular Iraq, killed over 500,000 people, bombed the area into the stone age, sowing rage and revenge, creating the perfect storm for a terror network — and Muslims need to apologize for all this? Possibly just a little resentment? Over 400 children killed in Gaza by U.S.-built weapons. Where is the outrage in the Western press?

The recent beheadings are intentionally creating the usual wanted knee-jerk reaction in the West. Military contractors are chompin’ at the bit at the thought of increased weapons sales. Pundits who work for defense contractors are pushing war on the talk shows.

Unfortunately when the West fights fire with fire, we feed into a cycle of outrage, recruitment and organizing. Hate to see what our seed-sowing is going to reap in this country. Hold onto your hat.

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