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Letter: What are the commissioners thinking by allowing firework sales?


To The Garco Commissioners:

I cannot believe that Martin & Samson approved firework sales for this Fourth of July.  We have fires burning all over the state — two in our own back yard just last week.  What are you thinking?  I probably shouldn’t be surprised but I am.  There are too many adjectives to count; appalled, astonished, disgusted, shocked, dismayed, etc.  Fire and police departments get ready.  You are in for a fun-filled time.  Perhaps Martin and Samson would like to do ride alongs to see what this brilliant decision has wrought?  As for Mr. Cordova, I understand you have a livelihood to maintain but we have been in a drought for years and have not had Fourth of July fireworks for at least three years now.  We cannot risk this — not with the dry conditions here — so what is so hard to grasp about that?  I was floored when I read that you had brought God into your argument.  Colorado is being punished for its amorality?  What?  We are too liberal therefore the drought is occurring?  I have one word for you: Move.  Go east where it is raining buckets and sell your fireworks there.  I for one will not miss you.

Stacey Linman

Glenwood Springs

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