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Letter: What ‘housing crisis?’

What is the job description for a City Council member? Is it to take care of its citizens, its laws, its history, its uniqueness and the charm of our town? Or should it be a bully and implement its crazy ideas, i.e. “the housing crisis.”

Where and when did this idea come along? Was it from the citizens or maybe the developers, Realtors, merchants and so on?

I’ve lived here almost 50 years and housing has always been difficult. So now they say it is a “crisis.”

It doesn’t matter that when completed, the “Funnest Town” in America will be no longer. And the Oasis project will only be the start. Since they have discarded almost all the codes, rules, regulations and the annoying P&Z, these projects will multiply like rabbits.

When will it end? Full gridlock, long lines everywhere, bad attitudes and the tourists stop coming?

What we really want to know is the numbers. Will we be cured with 10,000 units, 5,000 units, maybe 50,000 units. I’m sure council researched this in depth to come up with the exact number of units required to defeat this “crisis.”

Meanwhile, we poor citizens will have to deal with the impacts. The charm will be gone.

Before we go any further, we could bring this madness to a vote. I then think, the council and the “housing crisis” would be long gone.

Let us join together and save our city.

Tim Hogan

Glenwood Springs

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