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LETTER: What human services?

Colorado Human Services clients who receive monthly financial and medical assistance calculated to meet each individual’s need must report any extra monetary income and sign under oath that they did so. This includes gifts of any amount including gift cards from family or friends, payment received for small extra jobs (housework, minor repairs, baby-sitting), profits from self-help projects (yard sales, craft or cookie sales, etc.). When the extra income is reported, it is deducted from the regular financial assistance the person would otherwise receive that month.

Persons are caught between two fires. If they report the extra money, it is taken away. If they don’t report it, but sign under oath that they did, they feel they are forced to lie, and are warned in advance that they will be prosecuted for perjury.

The State is concerned that someone will defraud it by receiving large amounts and hiding it by declaring it as “gifts.” So to protect the State no one is allowed to have any income over what the State gives them. This makes them totally dependent on the State and takes away any effort at self-help or independence. What is the use of working if the State is going to take the earnings away? How can family or friends give a monetary gift to a person if that amount will be deducted from the regular assistance they really need?

This state law can only be changed in the General Assembly, which closes for this year on May 8. TIME IS SO SHORT! Please call or email the president of the Colorado Senate, and the speaker of the House of Representatives to allow Human Services Financial and Medical aid recipients to receive and keep up to $100 total each month, and that only amounts over $100 must be reported.

Thanks, and God bless you!

President of the Colorado Senate

John P. Morse



Speaker of Colo. House of Representatives

Mark Ferrandino



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