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Letter: What if everyone in Garfield County voted?

Tresi Houpt’s letter in the Aug. 8 issue pretty much told it like it is. I had previously read the Sullivan article as well and, sad to say, neither article surprised me. I expect many folks in Garfield County feel the same way when you have county representatives like we now have who have private meetings in adjoining states. Who twist, turn and deny their road repair intentions up Four Mile is simply to repair the needed road and bridges for safety, certainly not because a caravan of water trucks and oil tankers will be using it to promote oil and gas exploration in this contested location. When it is obvious their strong support by the oil industry is shown in their actions and they actually seem proud of it.

The rights of the citizenry as they have expressed through these actions pretty much says it all. Their first, second and last consideration seems for the oil industry, individual rights be damned.

The real question is: Why are they holding those offices they rule from? Do their backers carry that much clout when it comes to individual voting? Are people of Garfield County really supporting these individuals? Since they continue to be elected it must be true. Or is it simply a fact that people are not interested unless it personally effects their daily lives in a way they can see and feel it. It’s a busy world and most of the working class are working twice as hard and just don’t have time to be involved or concerned.

What if everyone actually performed their rightful duty as citizens and did actually vote? In order for our great democracy to function it was founded, protected and framed around the votes of the American people. So what if the overwhelming majority of legal voters in Garfield County actually cast their vote in elections? I doubt seriously you would be reading this article today. Why don’t we give it a try in the future? I think it would surprise everyone.

Jim Childers

New Castle

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