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Letter: What Tipton didn’t say

Mr. Tipton, the Republican congressman for western Colorado, left out some important information in his recent guest column urging that local communities give Texas oil and gas company SG Interests everything it wants without any reciprocal offering — such as specifically protecting other cherished and heavily utilized critical public lands in the area.

For one, his column neglected to even mention that two of the most impacted counties, via the Delta and Gunnison boards of county commissioners, have both called on the congressional delegation to make sure that any legislation is a win for all the communities, on both sides of McClure Pass. That the local counties are asking for exactly what Mr. Tipton says he is unwilling to consider should warrant a mention, even if in an attempt to deflect it. That is unless Mr. Tipton is more interested in pushing a certain agenda rather than in fairly representing this issue or accurately portraying where his constituents are on the matter.

Which gets to the other missing information of which Post Independent readers ought to be aware. SG Interests, a privately held oil and gas company owned by a billionaire, is Mr. Tipton’s single largest campaign contributor, according to OpenSecrets.org. For his part, Mr. Tipton is Texas-based SG Interests’ top recipient of campaign largess. In 2015, SG Interests has already spent almost a quarter of a million dollars on high-priced D.C. lobbyists trying to grease the congressional skids to get its way with western Colorado. And whether it is successful or not remains to be seen, but it does look from all appearance that SGI does at least already have one Colorado politician in its pocket.

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